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Ningjin County Long-distance Trading Co., Ltd. was established on November 23, 2020, legal representative: Zhao Nana, unified social credit code: 91371422MA3UEM6JXF; registered capital: 5 million; business premises: Yinhe Road and Funing, Ningjin County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province 200 meters west of the intersection of Main Street, south. Business Scope: General Items: Office Supplies Sales; Hardware Product Retail: Hardware Product Wholesale: Electronic Product Sales: Air and Power Tools Sales: Home Appliance Sales: Optical Communication Equipment Sales: Sporting Goods and Equipment Sales, Auto Parts Retail: Automobile spare parts wholesale: Motorcycles and spare parts wholesale: Motorcycles and spare parts retail: building materials sales, main daily necessities sales, architectural ceramic products sales: construction steel products sales: crafts SJDGL art and collectibles retail (ivory and (Except products): arts and crafts high and collectibles wholesale (except ivory and its products), clothing and apparel bottom hair 1. Clothing and apparel retail, shoes and hats retail: shoes and hats wholesale: chemical products sales (Except for items that need to be approved according to law, the registration authority shall carry out business activities independently according to the business license according to the law)

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